Accelerated Mobile Power deploys 5.6MW turbine generator, operation began September 1st, 2023.

Sep 27, 2023

Accelerated Mobile Power (AMP) has begun asset deployments to the field, utilizing a 5.6MW Solar SMT60 turbine generator. The asset is providing supplemental capacity for a temporary Oil & Gas power application in parallel with a 35MW turbine generator and contracted thru 2025.

The asset, nicknamed “Chiquito” (ode to being the smaller turbine generator powering the customer equipment) was delivered, rigged up and powering equipment within 2-hours of arriving on location – all managed by AMP’s team of experts in Hyper-Mobile power as a service.

AMP provides turnkey mobile power consisting of assets, operation, maintenance, mobilization and monitoring to ensure customers can focus on their business while AMP delivers and manages the power on location. From input gas flange to output wires of generation equipment, our service leverages produced field gas conversion into efficient reliable power for our partners.

This announcement is a key milestone for AMP with the deployment of our first piece of equipment to the field. Additional contracts totaling 175MW will continue deployment thru Q2-2024.

At this time AMP has >65% of assets on order under contract, highlighting our teams ability to execute quickly with industry leading partners. Additional 35MW and 2.5MW asset (Dynamis Hyper-Mobile DT35 and DE2.5) are scheduled for deployment readiness, Q4-2023 thru Q1-2024 and available for contract.

For more information on Accelerated Mobile Power (AMP), reach out to Dave Bosco, Vice President of Business Development or our website,

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