Turnkey Contract Power

AMP delivers a full suite of services related to power: assets, operations, maintenance, mobilization and reporting. Our team of trusted experts are here to manage the power so you can focus on business.


With multiple asset combinations designed to deliver the most efficient power at lowest cost of operations, AMP has a diversified fleet comprised of turbine power, recip power and hybridization gear to deliver you the lowest cost of operation and emissions.


AMP’s operators are veterans of the power generation industry and trained on all aspects of our contract power fleet. With intimate knowledge of alarms, errors and best practices, AMP’s team can ensure your operations are highly reliable and available, catching and mitigating equipment issues before they become an outage.


AMP’s coordination team ensures we have assets, people and resources on location when you need them. From coordinating rig moves, scheduling service, adding additional resources and planning for future projects – AMP has you covered.

Mobilization (rig-up/rig-down)

AMP delivers a 3-prong process to ensure our assets are on location when you need them.

  • Rig-up: Installation and commissioning of equipment
  • Rig-down: Teardown and decommissioning of equipment
  • Mobilization: Moving assets to next site


Data is key for making actionable decisions. AMP leverages our internal Operations Excellence Center (OEC) to monitor equipment health, report condition, proactively intervene before failures occur and plan accordingly to support operations in a highly reliable and available manner. OEC service is included 24/7/365 with our contract power services.


AMP believes if you don’t make time to maintain equipment, equipment will make the time for you. Often these schedules don’t align with your business operations. AMP maintains all assets in house, with certified field personnel, following manufacturer schedules and best practices, guaranteeing you operational excellence. Strategic spares are kept on location with equipment, at in-basin facilities and excess material stored at main operating warehouses. Field service personnel are located in-basin to ensure you have highly available and reliable operations.