AMP understands the drivers for our customers. Regardless of your application or industry, the below value drivers apply to all customers we serve with contract power:

  • Turnkey contract power: assets, operations, maintenance, mobilization, coordination and reporting
  • Fixed operating costs to manage your budget
  • Availability and Reliability guarantee
  • Low emissions technology
  • Modular assets to grow with your load demand
  • Delivering excellence to our customers

Temporary Mobile Power

AMP’s fleet of contract power generation equipment provides customers in Oil & Gas, Utility and Critical Power applications peace of mind with our diversified fleet. Assets capable of quickly mobilizing and rigging up on location enable tight schedules to be hit, taking hours to setup vs days or weeks. Efficiency, productivity and availability is what you expect and we deliver with AMP turkey contract power services.

Semi-Permanent Fixed Power

Utility build-out is a long and arduous process. Customers requiring long term contract power solutions at a fixed site can benefit from the mobility of AMP’s fleet due to reduced EPC costs. We deliver the power plant on wheels and manage operations, maintenance and availability so you can focus on business. Our service offerings are suited for Data Centers, Oil & Gas Production Facilities, Mining Operations and Industrial Facilities.

Oil & Gas Industry

The Oil & Gas industry has hit an inflection point. Mechanical systems are being retired and electrification is leading ESG initiatives. Owning and operating assets is not for everyone – that’s why AMP delivers the standard in hyper-mobile power generation for Electric Frac (E-Frac), Drilling, Production, Compression and In-Field Power applications. Our contract power fleet combines technologies to deliver you a resilient micro-grid solution (including Hybrid and Grid Paralleling), delivering lowest $/kWh and emissions for your operations. Trust AMP to deliver the power while you focus on production.

Data Centers

Electricity is the feedstock that drives server, network and connectivity infrastructure to deliver us information at our fingertips. Data Centers operate on $/kWh to manage their business and operating costs. AMP offers solutions to provide fixed operating costs allowing you to beat the grid or supplement while utility power is expanded into your facility. Whether you need power for months or years, AMP has a program and service offering to manage fixed costs while removing the variability of electricity production from your operations team’s plate.

Emergency Power

When disasters strike, electricity restoration is measured in hours not days. AMP contract power fleet is capable of quickly deploying assets, requires no heavy equipment for installation and are highly reliable to ensure your customers are comfortable while utility power is restored. Dual fuel capable equipment allows liquid fuel to be utilized in event gas infrastructure is not available. Sound attenuated packages allow equipment to be placed in highly populated areas without disturbing residents.

Mining and Industrial Applications

Mining and Industrial applications require highly reliable and available power delivered in the most efficient manner. AMP’s contract power services ensure energy is at your equipment’s joysticks and capable of the variable load scenarios your operations demand. Our fleet is comprised of modular blocks capable of paralleling to grow with your load demand.