AMP offers the standard in mobile power generation, without the risk and costs associated with owning and operating assets. AMP is your trusted partner to deliver the power that matters, quickly.


Power is not one size fits all and should be optimized to fit your needs. AMP has a diversified fleet of the best-in-class technology focused on efficiency and power density. AMP’s fleet is Hydrogen (H2) capable, allowing you to transition at your speed to lower carbon fuels.


AMP is focused on our customers and delivering you excellence. Our turnkey contract power services include best-in-class assets, operators, monitoring maintenance and availability. Let AMP deliver the power, so you can focus on business.

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Benefits of Accelerated Mobile Power

Power is complicated, especially during the energy transition. Navigating the process can be confusing, expensive and difficult to manage. AMP’s diversified contract power generation fleet delivers power nodes ranging from 35MW, 16MW, 6MW and 2.5MW, capable of paralleling and load sharing to match your specific load requirements. Gas Turbines, Reciprocating Natural Gas Generators and Hybridization Gear make up our fleet.


AMP’s fleet is comprised of the most efficient technology which includes multiple technology options for reducing CO2e and GHG emissions while delivering the lowest cost per kW/h.

Technology Options

As your power needs grow or change, scaling with a single technology can be difficult. That’s why AMP’s fleet offers multiple technology options to optimize power.

Flexible Assets

Whether emergency, temporary, or semi-permanent, AMP’s fleet is built to serve customers requiring contract power for a multitude of industries and applications.

Service DNA

Service is in our blood. In addition to contract power, AMP provides turnkey installation, mobilization, operation, maintenance and monitoring. We’re serious about service and have the experienced team to deliver.

Solving Challenges

Selecting the correct contract power solution can be difficult to navigate. AMP’s team can help guide you in evaluating power options and landing on the right power mix for your specific needs.

Reduced Cost

Owning and operating assets is not for everyone. AMP offers contract power solutions to deliver transparent fixed OPEX costs, lowering your operating costs while increasing revenue.