Accelerated Mobile Power (AMP) Begins Deployment of Assets

Jun 14, 2023

Accelerated Mobile Power will serve the Oil & Gas, Utility, Data Center and Temporary Emergency Power Markets with best-in-class assets and contract power services.

Accelerated Mobile Power (AMP) is a newly formed contract power generation service company focused on delivering best-inclass mobile assets with services to the Oil & Gas, Utility, Data Center and Temporary Emergency Power Markets.

AMP CEO, Travis Simmering: “Power generation can be complicated, becoming even more difficult to manage through the energy transition. Accelerated Mobile Power allows users to de-risk their business operations by outsourcing their on-site power needs to experienced power generation experts providing the latest and most innovative technology.”

AMP initial asset deployments begin in Q3 2023 and consist of Aero Derivative Dual Fuel Turbine Generators and Reciprocating Natural Gas Generators totaling 271MW of highly efficient and reliable power, packages designed and manufactured by Dynamis Power Solutions. Assets are capable of consuming multiple fuels, including Natural Gas, CNG, LNG, and Hydrogen (H2), to support ESG centric customers on achieving their emissions reduction initiatives. Additional hyper-mobile power generation assets and hybridization gear to follow in Q2-2024 for deployment.

AMP Executive Chairman, Jeff Morris: “The formation of Accelerated Mobile Power presents the opportunity to partner in the contract power and emission services while utilizing best in class Dynamis power packages.”

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